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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DVD Release News during Late March: Tangled, Black Swan, Dead Awake, Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

During the past days of this month, a lot of excellent movies have been available on Blu-ray and DVD discs for ultra home theatre video enjoyment for movie fans, like The Tourist, Hereafter, The Fighter, Burlesque, Skyline, etc. What movies would be available on Blu-ray and DVD for the rest days of late March for movie fans to enjoy at home? Follow me here to get some information about this.

In the late March, still many excellent movies would be out on Blu-ray/DVD, like Tangled, Black Swan, Dead Awake, Mesrine: Public Enemy #1, etc.


The classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale gets a lavish CG makeover as directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno team up to tell the tale of a fair-haired beauty (voiced by Mandy Moore) with long-flowing locks, a gallant hero with a heart of gold, and the evil witch who plots to keep these lovelorn innocents apart.

Black Swan

Being considered as a "Wonderful Creepy" film, the Black Swan has received great positive critics ever since it's in theatre. In the way to competite being the ballet princess, Nina (Portman) gradually finds the darks sites inside herself.

Dead Awake

A seductive supernatural thriller release in Dec 2010, starring Rose McGowan, Amy Smart and Nick Stahl, it sets against the backdrop of a mysterious tragedy that shattered their lives a decade ago and which sets them on a path to uncover the truth between the living and the dead.

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

Being the Number 1 Public Enemy, Mesrine was always on the run. Maybe only a bullet could stop this. This movie tells the story of the incredible rise of one of history's greatest gangsters.

Still, many other excellent movies are going to be available on Blu-ray and DVD, like All Good Things, Midway to Heaven, Hubble, Cool It, etc.

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