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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review of Hereafter Movie: What Happens When You Die

Due to some reasons, I haven't even watched the complete movie of Hereafter since it's in theatre. Yesterday, one of my friends gifted me the newly released Hereafter DVD disc to fulfill my expectation of this movie, so I have got something to say in this review.

As I was going to New York on business so I ripped Hereafter DVD to iPhone with a professional DVD to iPhone converter and then I finally had the chance to fully watch this movie on my way train.

What to start for the review? Actually, my head became blank after I finished the 126 minutes watching. The only thing in my head is about what happens when you die, the question inputted to Google search by Marcus, a 12-year-old London twin boy who has lost his brother, who he idolizes and says "Good night" to every night. There are many different answers to this question on Google. But in this movie, it provides some material explanation with no scientific sense.

In Paris, the French television journalist Marie Lelay starts to write a book "Hereafter: A Conspiracy of Silence" after her near-death experience in which she sees a vision of human figures inhabiting a realm of light, among them the silhouettes of the mother and daughter holding hands. In San Francisco, former professional psychic George Lonegan would abandon his old wealthy career and look forward an average life, rather than becoming a genuine medium with a gift for communicating with the dead. He repeats saying "It's not a gift, it's a curse." But the most impressive figure to me in this movie is the little twin boy, Marcus, a clean and lovely boy with limpid eyes. Even though they have an alcoholic and heroin-addicted mother, and have to struggle for living in a despairing circumstance, the angel twins still fell happy and Marcus would always say "Good night" sweetly to his idolized brother. However, the cruel reality envies such simple happiness of the twins; Jasson is hit by a van and killed. And from that day on, the younger Marcus wears his brother's cap, becomes desperate to retrieve his brother and still says "Good night Jasson" to his non-existed brother before sleeping, like nothing has been changed. When Marcus finally talked to his brother with the help of George "don’t go Jason, please, I need you." I can't control my tears any more. What kind of love would be contained in such calling from this little boy?

At last, little Marcus takes off his brother's cap, though still hold it tightly. And George and Marine also get a desired ending in this movie.

If you ask people whether they believe there is an afterlife world, they may be not sure about this. But most people would be sure that their loved ones would not leave them even after death, as they are in the memory of people alive. Maybe that is what this film tries to reveal.

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