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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love and Other Drugs Movie Review: Is It Really Love or Just A Sense of Responsibility or Even Sympathy

A few days ago, I visited a friend and when I arrived, he was watching the Love and Other Drugs DVD on his iPad. I had also heard about this movie a long time but never had the chance to watch it. So I joint with him and we spent two hours in watching this affectional drama Love and Other Drugs. And as soon as it ended, I asked my friend on why Jamie finallly wants to be with Maggie, because of love, or just a sense of responsibility, or even just for sympathy?

If he is really back for love, so why did he leave Maggie in the snow when Maggie insisted on Jamie leaving for Maggie's strong self-esteem, as she does not want to get Jamie in trouble to take care of her. However, Jamie just put all his luggage into the trunk, left words "That's really stupid" and then went away.

I truly believe that no matter how much the love is, when facing with the grave responsibility to take care of him/her life long, anybody would become to hover. That is why Jamie was desperate to visit every famous doctor he knows. Maggie has revealed the truth by directly saying: your intense longing to cure me is just because you can't accept the truth to take care of me for a life. What kind of courage has made a lady to sharply point out the reality?

So they just broke up. And Jamie makes big success in his business and wins enormous favors from various beautiful ladies. But Jamie still feels that he lacks something in his life, a woman to share his success with him. So at last when flying to Chicago, he finally realized what he wanted and went back to Maggie. I was just surprised by the changes of Jamie and thought it might be too sudden. And so I wondered why Jamie could return to find Maggie after so long a time, really because of love, responsibility or just sympathy?

My friend said that love itself is in fact not simply love, but mixed with responsibility and sympathy. But these things could not change the nature of love. I guess so.

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