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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rip Star Wars Blu-ray to iPad 2

Hi, I like sci-fi movie very much, especially the Star Wars. I have watched all the three Star Wars movies ever since they're in theatre. And now, I have got a Blu-ray player and an iPad 2 to watch my favorite sci-fi movies. Can you tell me the release date of Star Wars Blu-ray discs? And if possible, can you tell me what software should I use to rip Star Wars Blu-ray discs to iPad 2, as I travel a lot, which makes it impossible to watch these Blu-ray discs on Blu-ray players? Thank you in advance.

Jimmy, by email.

Latest news for Star Wars Blu-ray discs release, the Star Wars Blu-ray release has been moved forward. The three Star Wars Blu-ray box sets: Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Star Wars: Original Trilogy and Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy, originally slated for release on September 27, will now hit store shelves on September 16. This Friday date will allow retailers to hold all sorts of launch parties.

The Star Wars film series has spawned other media including books, television series, video games, and comic books. And now, it is going to spawn Blu-ray and DVD discs for more convenient enjoyment for sci-fi movie fans.

To rip Star Wars Blu-ray to iPad 2, a Star Wars Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter is a must have, which could help rip Star Wars Blu-ray to iPad 2 and then enable you watch the Blu-ray content on your treasured iPad 2. The conversion is quite simple, only three steps:

Step 1: after you have downloaded this Star Wars Blu-ray to iPad 2 converter, install and launch it to add your Star Wars Blu-ray to this converter for converting.

Step 2: select desired output profile for Blu-ray content. As the end device is iPad 2, so it is better to choose iPad friendly file formats, like iPad H2.64 Video.

Step 3: click the convert button to start conversion.

If you want to get detailed operations about the conversion, you can check how to rip Star Wars Blu-ray to iPad 2

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